Friday, November 20, 2009


GREEN FIRE(1955). A romantic/adventure. Begins with Mining engineer Rian X. Mitchell being attacked by bandits at an abandoned Mine. They shoot him and throw him down the side of a mountain. Rian starts walking in search for help, when he meets, Father Ripero along the way. The priest brings Rian to Catherine Knowland's coffee plantation, where he receives treatment for his wounds. Soon, Father Ripero tells Rian that the piece of stone he has was from Carrero, the lost emerald mine.

Later, Rian returns to his office in Entrada, that he shares with his business partner, Vic Leonard. His very affectionate secretary, tells Rian that Vic, has made travel plans for Canada. Rian goes to the harbor to talk to Vic, about the emerald mine before he leaves. Vic tells him that he is not interested, and he has a more secure job as a foreman of the Manitoba Carbon Company.

Rian, tricks Vic into getting drunk and takes his money, which he gambles with. Vic, is very angry when Rian returns in the morning, but still decides to go back with him to the mine.

Rian is having trouble finding a mining crew, goes to the church to find Father Ripero, who admits he told his followers that it was dangerous idea. In spite of Father Ripero, Rian finds workers by promising a reward for the first man to find an emerald and the excavation begins.

Rian's greed to mine the emeralds at any cost. First he angers the local bandits, who threaten Catherine, but he also hires her brother Donald, with no experience working as a miner. Catherine and Rian, begin have their own problems, when it is time to harvest the coffee and she has few workers left and she finds her fields under threat of flooding from Rian's mining operations. After a tragic accident at the mine, even Vic abandons his friend and helps Catherine with her harvesting.

Will Rian ever come to his senses and realize he has something bigger to lose?

Green Fire is a 1954 film directed by Andrew Marton with original music by Miklos Rozsa and starring Grace Kelly, Stewart Granger, Paul Douglas and John Ericson.

Grace Kelly, is very charming through out the film and a good match with Stewart Granger. Paul Douglas, was wonderful in his supportive role.


  1. Dawn, I just missed this film yesterday. It sounds like a great film. By the way, next Wednesday TCM will be playing four great films with Ricardo Montalban. Two Weeks with Love, On an Island with You, The Money Trap, and The Singing Nun. I have seen all four films, but my favorites are the first two.

  2. Silent, Thank you..You gave me my idea for a poll question. :)
    I have not seen, Two Weeks with Love, The Money trap,or The Singing Nun.

  3. Great that you've paid attention to this film! It's such an underrated and not that well known film of Grace (:


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