Friday, November 13, 2009


Easy to Love (1953) With the Cole Porter classic as the music title, Esther Williams and Van Johnson star in their fifth film together.

After Julie's performance in the water-skiing show, she comes to Ray to talk about about her long hours, and wants to quit working for him when he asks her to cancel her plans for that evening.

Ray ignores her wishes, and sends her on a very important job for a LIFE magazine photo shoot, where Julie meets the handsome singer Barry Gordon, who is also being photographed. During her photo shoot, Barry asks to take the place of the male model, and they become attracted to each other. After the photo shoot, Julie asks Ray to take her to see Barry's nightclub act.

Later that evening, Julie gets a call from Barry and they go out dancing. When Barry learns that Julie swims, models and even types for Ray for not much money, he makes an appointment for her to meet Oscar Levenson, who is producing a water follies show. Julie auditions for Oscar, who gives her the job.

That afternoon, Julie tells Ray about her new job, Ray pretends that it is OK with him. She starts to feel guilty, and at the last minute, she returns to Florida with him. Ray asks Julie to meet with him that evening. Julie thinks Ray is going to propose. Hank comes by to tell Julie that his father wants him to return to Texas, and she tells him that she is in love with someone else. Hank then rushes into Ray's office and accuses him of stealing his girl friend, and Ray is surprised to hear that Julie is in love with him.

That evening, when Julie comes for dinner, Ray pretends to be talking on the phone with another woman. He then informs Julie that he will double her pay. Julie returns to the resort and is surprised to find Barry sitting at the piano, and when he sings a love song to Julie, Ray becomes jealous. Barry asks Julie to go to Paris with him, but before she can answer, Ray asks Julie to go with him in his boat. When Ray proposes, he finds that Julie had already jumped out of the boat.

The next morning, after performing in a spectacular water-skiing show, with dozens of water skiers, ramps, pyramid formations and gushing geysers. Nancy accidentally knocks Julie out with a water ski. By this time I have no idea who loves who.. any who... Who is to rush to her side?

Fun Facts:

Tony Martin bumps into Cyd Charise (in a cameo), his real-life wife at the time.

Esther Williams was pregnant during the filming of this movie.

Supposedly Esther Williams favorite of her movies.


  1. Dawn, I love this film. Esther Williams and Van Johnson were a great onscreen couple. I also liked to see Esther Williams paired up with Ricardo Montalban. Ironically, Johnson died in December 2008 and Montalban in January 2009, only one month from each other. I think I am getting myself the Esther Williams DVD set this holiday season. You have convinced me; her films are fun to watch over and over again.

  2. Great post Dawn and I didn't realize Esther and Van had made that many movies together. I have seen only a few of Esther's films including this one which I thought was pretty good. As silentfilmfanatic said I might get that Esther Williams DVD set this Christmas. Thanks for the blog Dawn.

  3. Silent,I am amazed how many films Van Johnson performed in. He is not my favorite actor,but he is in a lot of my favorite movies. Cyd Charise passed away June 17, 2008. Amazing that they went to heaven about the same time. I never get tired of a light hearted Esther Williams films .For me they are very unique.

    I fell asleep and missed County Girl with Grace Kelly.Hopefully they show the movie again soon.

    Monty,my favorite Esther Williams movie is "On an Island with you". TCM is going to have it on later this month. I will Spotlight it later next week.


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