Friday, October 23, 2009


VIVA LAS VEGAS (1964) , Princess requested... This week's SPOTLIGHT. And so far winning the favorite Ann Margret movie poll.

Viva las Vegas!! What a fun film for Elvis fans. This is one of my favorite Ann Margret films. She's awesome in the musical numbers. Talk about chemistry between two stars.. In my opinion the film is about the songs and dance numbers. Which include the title song, "Come On, Everybody", "What'd I Say", and "Appreciation"...but all of them are good, and the other songs are: "The Lady Loves Me", "I Need Someone to Lean On", "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever", "My Rival", and "If You Think I Don't Need You". If you look closely in one of the dance numbers you will see Ann Margret wearing ballet slippers instead of high heels. The car race footage in the finale is amazing.

Though the relationship did not last. Elvis and Ann Margret remained friends for the rest of his life. According to Ann Margret, Elvis sent her flowers in the shape of a guitar on the opening night of every one of her Las Vegas shows.


  1. Dawn, I think Elvis films are so fun to watch. Ann Margret is the best leading lady he had and Viva Las Vegas is my favorite of all his films. Ann Margret was also good in Bye Bye Birdie. Great post.

  2. Viva Las Vegas one of the first classic movies I watched. My mom always played Viva Las Vegas, McLintock!, and Pillow Talk all the time when I was growing up.The Pleasure Seekers and Viva Las Vegas my top favs and cool to that it is over on the poll. I think I like Bye Bye Birdie a little less cause it reminds me of school cause it was one of our school plays. I got this tivoed and I plane to watch it this weekend. I will be looking for those ballet slippers. Ann-Margret is so fabulous!

  3. Silent, I agree Ann Margret was good in Bye Bye Birdie. I have enjoyed all of her films.

    Thank you for your wonderful post. "OUR MODERN MAIDENS(1929)" What a great way to start the week end.

    Princess, Thank you for the VIVA LAS VEGAS movie suggestion.I agree Ann Margret is fabulous.

    PILLOW TALK, with Doris Day is one of the first movies I added to my DVD collection.

  4. Dawn, thank you for letting me contribute to your site. I love the Gene Tierney movie page.


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