Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry I Took So Long.

When Dawn first asked me to post here I thougt I'd do a "Chick Flick For Guys" type of thing. But since Dawn has renamed the site Noir Chick Flicks I had to regroup. So after much thought I'm going to list and then post on what I feel are classic Noir Chick Flicks.

In the coming weeks I'll talk about Films like : Gun Crazy with John Dall And Peggy Cummins. A benchmark film noir and a fore runner to Bonnie and Clyde

Dead Reckoning with Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott (my favorite Bogart Film) Out Of The Past, and The Big Steal both with Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer Laura, and Where The Sidewalk Ends, both with Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. Macao and His Kind Of Woman both with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell
First up will be The Big Steal, stay tuned.


  1. Welcome Paul!! This is very exciting news!! I can't wait to read your blogs here on Noir Chick Flicks. I 'm new to blogging, so if you have any suggestions for our blog page please feel free to let me know..

  2. Dawn ,you could have fooled me the page looks great. Just keep doing what you have been doing. Glad to be a small part of your site.

  3. Paul, GUN CRAZY is one of my all-time favorite B-movies.

  4. Rick,It's a little gem most people don't know about. Guns , sex and violence, what more could you want? And ground breaking for the time use of hand held cameras, and thrid person point of view shots.

  5. Paul, Thank you..I had a couple of requests to change the name of the sight..I thought it was a fun idea..I hope you do too.


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