Friday, October 2, 2009

THE ROSE (1979)

THE ROSE(1979) I think this is one of the best concert films ever made. The story of a tragic rise to fame and fortune. A wonderful showcase for Bette Midler amazing talents.... The film is loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin.

The film doesn't really go into her childhood, or how she ''ROSE" to stardom, but shows her demise at the hands of her greedy manager who simply won't let her slowdown. She does her best to "get away" (acting wild, sex, going on drinking/drug binges) between the concerts, but can never quite escape.

Always back on the stage, maybe the only place she was meant to be. (There are a two other great "concert films" made in this era, THE JAZZ SINGER starring Neil Diamond as a rock and roll singer. WAY OF THE WORLD, featuring live concert footage of Earth Wind and Fire.) This was a time when going to concert was part of the teenage American experience. "THE ROSE" is about America's fascination with what was going on stage and the "glamor" behind the scenes.

The movie was originally entitled "Pearl", which Bette Midler thought it was too soon after Joplin's death to portray her life in a movie. Rewrites were then made, with Midler's guidance, that deleted some portions of the original script and embellished other parts of the story. Then the rewritten script was named "The Rose".


  1. Never seen this but Bette is a great entertainer. A couple seasons ago she preformed on American Idol and she just owned the stage. My old roommate was a big fan of her and made me watch Beaches. After I watched it, I was like great now I am depressed. Although good songs in it.

  2. Hi Princess, i also went with a girlfriend to see Beaches. Could not talk the boys into going..i agree Beaches does have a sad ending.


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