Monday, October 26, 2009


I posted the CHERI trailer, along with the review staring Michelle Pfeiffer, on the PERIOD FILM PAGE. Link located on the side bar. I hope you find the movie as entertaining as I do.

Another film that came out on DVD October 20th that caught my eye was, SUMMER STORM (1944). I have not seen it, but it sounds very good.
From amazon- It's a tale of power and passions when a Russian siren (Linda Darnell), who wants the finer things in life, sinks her hooks into a judge (George Sanders), a decadent aristocrat (Edward Everett Horton) and an estate superintendent (Hugo Haas), with surprising results.

This week's SPOTLIGHT: Ann Margret favorite movie poll, VIVA LAS VEGAS won with 50% of the votes. BYE BYE BIRDIE, PLEASURE SEEKERS and GRUMPY OLD MEN all received 16 % of the votes. Please check the Nov. TCM movie schedule for a movie you would like to see in the SPOTLIGHT. Then add it to the comments. Thanks

Also, This week I plan on a couple of Trick or Treat Halloween surprise Blogs.. I hope you enjoy reading them. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

Welcome Gilby, I loved reading your " It’s Love I’m After " review.


  1. Spotlight request Clash By Night on November 10 at 6pm. I couldn't resist picking a Marilyn film.


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