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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1941). Spencer Tracy plays Dr. Jekyll, who believes each person has a good side and a dark side, which can be controlled with the proper chemicals. After mixing together a drink that transforms him into his alter ego, Mr. Hyde, goes on a wild night on the town. Lust, quickly turns to homicidal rage as Dr. Jekyll loses control of the experiment.

I thought Spencer's character was wonderful in his addiction to transformation from good Dr. Jekyll to evil Dr. Hyde. One of the reasons I enjoyed seeing this version of the story is the young, beautiful Ingrid Bergman. (A year from filming Casablanca.) Bergman was wonderful playing the destitute barmaid. Lana Turner, was also wonderful in her Ziegfeld character. The story is told by Jekyll, rather than Hyde.

Fun facts:

Spencer Tracy turned up at Clark Gable and Carole Lombard's second wedding anniversary party wearing his make up as Mr Hyde.

Victor Fleming was the Director. Who also directed : Gone With The Wind (1939), The Wizard of OZ (1939), and The Good Earth (1937).

Sara Allgood (October 15, 1879– September 13, 1950). She performed in early Hitchcock films, such as Blackmail (1929), Juno and the Paycock (1930) and Sabotage (1936).

Allgood was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 1941 for her role as Beth Morgan in the film, How Green Was My Valley(1941), but lost to Mary Astor.

She also had memorable roles in the 1941 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, It Happened in Flatbush (1942), Jane Eyre (1944), The Keys of the Kingdom (1944), The Spiral Staircase (1946), The Fabulous Dorseys (1947) and the original Cheaper by the Dozen (1950).

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