Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Classic Movie Dogathon: Lady and The Tramp (1966).

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Hollywood has catered to our love of dogs for as far back as I can remember. From the cute and friendly to the Cugo, dogs have played a role in more pawsome movies than you can bark at. When Rick first asked me to chose a dog movie for the blogathon. Several movies came to mind, but Lady and The Tramp (1966), was the first one that popped into my head. Yes, it may be animated, but no movie has ever pulled on my leash like this wonderful Disney classic.

The tail wagging story begins on Christmas Day when Lady, an adorable little Cocker Spaniel, finds her forever home. After 9 months she begins to feel neglected after the birth of the families baby boy. But she really feels like she is in the doghouse, when Aunt Sarah and her conniving Siamese cats, come to babysit and cause nothing but trouble for Lady.

Lady, escapes with her life from the Pet Shop as Aunt Sarah, has her fitted for a muzzle. It is nothing but one adventure after another when she meets the street wise, Tramp. Their puppy love and loyalty go through many challenges, such as a dog fight, a trip to the zoo and landing in the dog pound. Some of their friends include a tough-talking pooch named Peg, voiced by Peggy Lee, who also wrote the songs. And is there any song more romantic than "Bella Notte" that will make you want to howl at the moon?


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  2. Dawn, you picked one of my favorite Disney films. The animation—with its colors, details, backgrounds, and movements—is an example of the Disney team at its peak. But what I love about this film is the way it shows the relationship between the dogs and humans, with Lady knowing he owners by their pet names (pun intended) for each other: Darling and Jim Dear. I also admire the way it tweaks the old plot of the rich girl falling for the nice guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Finally, there are some fine songs (especially “Bella Notte”) and a pair of delightful kitty villains.

  3. Love this choice! My mom took me to see this as a kid. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

  4. I love this precious movie, Dawn! I had to take time to see the Bella Notte scene again because it is so lovely and romantic. This film reminds us of how important it is to not forget canine children after the human ones arrive. I really enjoyed your witty comments and obvious joy for "Lady and the Tramp." Excellent post!

  5. Dawn, LADY AND THE TRAMP is a splendid choice for the Dogathon! Not only is the animation a joy to behold, but the characters have real personality and soul. And who could resist Peggy Lee's songs, not to mention the sneaky Siamese cats, two of the most memorable villains anywhere, animated or live-action! :-) "Bella Notte" always touches my heart; it even makes meatballs look romantic! Great post, my friend!

  6. Dawn,
    I haven't seen that many Disney films but Lady and the Tramp I have seen. So many cute scenes and the spaghetti scene being parodied so many times since.

    Thanks for adding the clip here, boy does it bring back great childhood memories. I had actually forgotten about the Siamese cat.

    A fun look back at a Disney favorite.

  7. My favorite among Disney's many magnificent animated features! If anything brings back fond memories and the sense of a happy childhood for me, "Lady & the Tramp" is it. Every dog character is a gem and the "evil" Siamese (twin) cats are brilliantly conceived villains. And the spaghetti dinner scene - who can resist? Great choice Dawn and a wonderful write-up on one of Disney's best.

  8. Dawn, a great choice for the Dogathon. For all who grew up in the fifties, this and "Bambi" are surely the two Disney animated films that remain most strongly in the memory. It's incredible that the Disney studio could take a serious subject like marrying into the wrong class--a staple of romantic fiction--and turn it into such a charming, entertaining, and non-preachy movie.

  9. Perfect pick, Dawn -- I love this movie. The Bella Nolte scene is so adorable. But I have to admit my favorite characters in this movie are the Siamese cats. Hilarious! My Mom had a Siamese, and that's exactly how they are! Such fun, Dawn!

  10. Dawn ~ a perfect choice for a canine themed blogathon. I can recall seeing “Lady and the Tramp” in one of its many re-releases and one of my favorite childhood photos is of my brother and I reenacting the spaghetti scene. I am sure one of the reasons children respond to this film is the “doggie-eye” view, and the depiction of animals as characters with dreams and somewhat questionable motives (those pesky cats). I didn’t know who Peggy Lee was at the time, of course, but as I grew older and watched the film for the sixth or tenth time; I was impressed to know she was part of the cast of “vocal” characters.

  11. I most remember the Peggy Lee songs from the dog voiced by her. The animation on that character was very well done.

  12. Yay! We're so glad you reviewed this movie. It's been waaaay too long since we've seen it.

  13. (Head Admin) You picked a great film, and one that I'm happy just came out recently on Blu-ray. Even though it is animated, I dare say of all of Disney's dog movies, this one may be his best. Great choice!

  14. I've always loved dogs and hated cats, and Lady and the Tramp only reinforces this. When those darn cats start singing "We Are Siamese" I just cringe. My mother took me to see this when I was a child and I loved it. Great pick.

  15. Thank you everyone for stopping by and putting up with some of my typos'. I'm still having problems with blogger.. (I will fix them as soon as I can).

    Rick, you are right about the colors in this film, giving a beautiful background for our furry friends. One of the scenes that caught my eye, was when Lady was in the pound and the shadows of the bars made it look like her fellow companions were all wearing prison stripes. It's little things like that that made the movie so charming.

    Gilby, It is a wonderful movie to bring back childhood memories. I want to see it again with my future grandchildren.

    Toto2, Poor Lady.. Isn't just like a dog to stay faithful to their family no matter what happens?

    Dorian TB, Thank you. I love that you think meatballs look romantic.. Thanks for the smile :)

    Page, I love the Siamese cats even when they are being evil. Thankfully Lady saved the day.

    Lady Eve, Another one of my favorite scenes is when, Tramp is telling Lady and their friends about how dogs are forgotten when the the babies arrive and he says something like.. "Don't wake up the baby!" in a human voice.. I get a chuckle every time..

    R.D.Finch, You are right about the Disney film "Bambi" being another favorite for us who were children of the 50's and 60's.

    Becky, Lol, I'm not surprised that your favorite characters in this movie were the Siamese cats. I also grew up with a Siamese named Captain, and you are right that's exactly how they are!

    whistlingypsy, I love that one of your favorite childhood photos is of you and your brother reenacting the spaghetti scene. What a wonderful keepsake.

    Chip Larry, Peggy Lee made a beautiful dog.. :)

    R.A. Kerr, If you watch it after not seeing it for a long time.. it maybe like seeing it for the first time.

    openvaultdisney, Thank you so much for stopping by and letting us know that it is now on Blu-ray.

    Kim, how did I know you were not a cat person.

  16. I love all the films I'm revisiting with this Dogathon! Lady and the Tramp is another I haven't seen in a really, really long time. My daughter is 16 months old, which is a little too young to enjoy Disney. I cannot wait until I can share these films with her (of course I don't want her to grow up too fast!)

    Thanks for taking me back to my childhood. Great job.

    Sittin' on a Backyard Fence

  17. "Lady and the Tramp" is an adorable movie. One of my favorite Disney films.

    I have learned that I have to be very careful with dog movies. Have you ever heard of "Where the Red Fern Grows." I guess it's a 70's or 80's movie, could be 90's. But when my kids were about 7 and 9, we watched it. The dogs died in the end, and my kids were totally hysterical, especially my son (the younger child). "Old Yeller", similarly, upsets my kids to no end.

    Funny, they can get more upset over dogs dying in movies than people dying!!

    Hope you're having a great week!!

  18. Love the movie. I grew up listening to my sisters sing the "We are Siamese" song over and over. It's still a family joke!

  19. Sorry I'm so late commenting to this - internet connection problems so I couldn't pick your entry on my #1 pick (comeone had chosen it before me).

    What's not to love about this film?! Simply gorgeous. I can't stop smiling without an involuntary "awwww" slipping out just looking at the pictures you chose.

    Fun read on a classic classic!


  20. I'm a Disney kid and have yet to see Lady and The Tramp. It's so sad, I know, but I'm not one for movie about animals. Guess I'll have to make an exception for this.


  21. kittenbiscuits, How exciting, to watch it with your daughter as she is growing up!!

    Patti, No, I have not seen the film, "Where the Red Fern Grows." The ending sounds very sad..

    Classicfilmboy, That is too funny.. I also remember singing "We are Siamese" growing up.. Maybe it is a girl thing.

    Citizen Screen, I'm having blogger problems.. So I know what you are going through. Thank you for stopping by.

    Mighty B, I think that you will enjoy watching it..


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