Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Myrna Dell- "B" cheesecake blonde and glamour girl of the 40s and early 50s.

Myrna Dell, made her first film, A Night at Earl Carroll's (1940). Then signed with MGM, she performed in the film, Ziegfeld Girl (1941). She soon began performing at the Billy Rose Nightclub, then spent a season in the "George White's Scandals" revue. Bitten by the acting bug, Hollywood never left her, and she went back in 1943 and performed in westerns with, Bob Steele and Hoot Gibson. She had a small part in the classic, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944), and soon signed a contract with RKO Pictures. RKO kept her busy, putting her in more than 20 films over the next few years, even performing with future US President Ronald Reagan in, The Girl from Jones Beach (1949). She gave a good performance in the western The Bushwhackers (1952).

The story begins when, Confederate Veteran, Jeff Waring, arrives in Independence, Missouri shortly after the Civil War. Wanting never to use a gun again. Until, he meets up with rancher, Taylor and his henchmen, Sam Tobin and Cree, who are forcing out the settlers in order to take their land for the railroad. Myrna Dell, is Taylor's daughter and Dorothy Malone plays the school marm.


  1. Really interesting article, Dawn. I recognize her, but never knew her name. You never know who will make it big and who won't. She is a beautiful girl. She has a look of Lana Turner about her in the picture you have. Sometimes I guess it's just timing or luck! Thanks for the info on somebody I've seen but never knew anything about.

  2. Becky, Thank you. I also did not know who Myrna Dell was. Thought I would share what I learned about her. It turns out, she is a very talented, interesting lady.

  3. I met Myrna years ago in a McDonalds in Studio City, Ca. I was on vacation with my sister and cousin. We didn't have much money so we ate at McDonalds alot that vacation. This woman was sitting there and called me over to her table and we started chatting.She told me who she was but I had no idea. She wrote to me and sent us autographed pictures. She did talk to me about acting because at the time I wanted to be an actress but didn't know how to get started.Well,all said and done, I never fulfilled my dream. Do you know if she ever was married or had children?

  4. Hello,

    My name is Laura Patterson, and I am the only child of Myrna Dell. She married a handsome actor by the name of Herbert Patterson, and retired from Show Business to raise me in the 1960's

  5. Thank You Laura Paterson, for dropping by and answering Anonymous question.


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