Thursday, April 1, 2010

To Classic Movie Fans:

Every couple of weeks, I enjoy spotlighting others blogs that have caught my interest.. This week.. I would like to spotlight: Classic Movie Blog.

When KC was thirteen years old, she came across a movie of Dark Victory (1939) on TV. She began to search out more classic movies on TV and in video stores that are nearly gone today. She began reading books about Hollywood and searching out great titles at theaters. She enjoyed discovering fascinating personalities and great movies over the years. Her interest in this unique period (around the time silents began to the days when the studio era came to an end) has never flagged. Though the movies She loves most were made in a specific time frame, She never never fails to find something new to love, be it a movie, star or backstage story. This blog is a place where she can share those discoveries with us.. Wonderful job KC...


  1. This is a great site and I am a daily reader.
    I have to admit that I often check KC's list of updated links rather than going to my dashboard.

  2. Like Tom I agree this is an awesome site. KC does a great job. Thanks for posting about her blog Dawn.

  3. Ah thanks guys *blush*. Thank you for the praise Dawn. I've been feeling lame because I haven't had the time to post new articles lately, but I'm glad to see that the links are keeping folks happy! BTW--I love what you do too Dawn. I'm especially enjoying your profiles of silent movie actresses.

  4. Thank you KC. It has been a lot of fun. :)


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