Monday, October 26, 2009


I MARRIED A WITCH, is a charming/comedy. Cast: Fredric March and Veronica Lake. Author Thorne Smith, wrote about a beautiful, playful, witch.. instead of the ugly witches that we grew up reading about.. Much like the TV series "Bewitched".

The movie begins with Veronica Lake, who along with her father, is burnt at the stake on charges of witchcraft. Before her death she places a curse on the descendants of the man responsible for the burning.

The movie quickly moves to the present where we see political candidate for the State Senate Jonathan Wooley, fully involved in his wedding to Estelle, daughter of big shot J.B. Masterson.

During a storm, both Jennifer, and her evil father Daniel, are freed from their imprisonment inside the tree that grew on the spot where they died. Jennifer's goal is to find Jonathan and make life a complete misery for him. She does everything she can to sabotage Jonathan's wedding which includes a huge wind storm that destroys the event. Then she pretends to "die by gunshot", which will set Jonathan up on a murder charge.

Earlier she made a love potion that would cause Jonathan to fall in love with her. Jonathan now accidentally uses it on Jennifer and she finds herself madly in love with him. Fed up with Estelle and her father planning his every move, Jonathan begins to realize that the problems that Jennifer has brought into his life has actually has saved him.

When Jennifer's father sees what is happening he decides to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, for him his plan backfires and he and ends up in the bottle where he will stay for all eternity. What does the future hold for the bewitched couple?

I thought Veronica Lake was very good and proved herself to be wonderful in a comedy and capable of far more than just hiding behind her famous hairstyle. Her chemistry with Fredric March is magical. "I Married a Witch", is a fun movie..

Fun Facts:

Joel McCrea was initially cast as the lead, but declined the role because he didn't want to work again with Veronica Lake, his co-star in Sullivan's Travels (1941).

Veronica Lake and Fredric did not like one another, due in part to some disparaging remarks March made about her. During filming, Lake delighted in playing pranks on March, such as hiding a 40-pound weight under her costume when March had to carry her in his arms.


  1. Dawn, this sounds like my kind of film. I am a fan of both Lake and March and I am looking forward to seeing this one. I love that picture of Veronica Lake in that beautiful gown.

  2. I have not seen this movie in ages! What a great Halloween Chick Flick!

  3. If you ladies have a Halloween Chick Flick movie idea, please add it to the Chick Flick blog. :-).


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